How to learn

How to learn

MAOT supports and facilitates learning of students in different ways:

Small groups

Most of the courses are only for the MAOT students and therefore in small groups of about ten students. Communication and discussion is the basic approach instead of just ‘teaching and listening’. Presentations done by the students are obligatory for many courses.

Intensive courses

If necessary and appropriate parts of courses will be done in an intensive way, for example in one-day-courses or weekend seminars.

A lot of practice

Practical exercises are integrated in teaching theoretical knowledge. Demonstrations and experiments in the lab are part of most of the courses, one lab course is part of each major topic. A training in a scientific institution or a company is obligatory part of the programme for each student.


Optics building

The common SAOT/MAOT building (the ‘optics building‘) provides lab facitilites which are used for research activities in the two programmes. Workplaces with computer facilities are availably exclusively for MAOT students.


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