It’s not easy

We want to be honest: Like in most university cities it is not easy to find an accommodation in Erlangen, especially not in a convenient location. The university accommodation service can provide assistance here. Nonetheless it can still be very difficult to find a place to stay. For international students we have a certain amount of accommodation in public or private housing. The number of rooms available in these areas, however, is limited.

Dedicated accommodation for international students

International students need to apply to accommodation service of the university and not directly. Students should contact the accommodation service after they have been admitted to MAOT.

  • Dormitories of the „Studentenwerk Erlangen-Nürnberg“, a public institution that provides accommodations for students. Important: MAOT students should only use the online application form if specifically asked to do so by the universitiy’s International Office. MAOT students can only be allocated an apartment here if they have been recommended by the International Office.

General accommodation

You have to apply for these type of accomodation on your own. In some cases the different websites will outline their standard procedure is .