It’s not easy

We want to be honest: Like in most University cities it is not easy to find an accommodation in Erlangen, especially not a convenient one. The accomodation service of the University will suport you. Although, it still can get very difficult. For international students we provide special contingents in public or private housing areas, but the number of rooms in these special contingents is limited.

Accomodations with special contingents

For these accomodations students do not apply directly but via the accomodation service of the University. They contact the service after they have been admitted to MAOT.

  • Dormitories of the “Studentenwerk Erlangen-Nürnberg”, a public institution which provides accommodations for students. Important: MAOT students are supposed to use the online application form only if they were asked to do so by the International office of the University. MAOT students can only receive an apartment there if they have been recommended by the International office.
  • The international dormitory in the Wichernstraße run by the “Internationaler Bund” (an association for support of foreigners in Germany). Many MAOT students live there. As in the case of the ‘Studentenwerk’ MAOT students should not apply there directly, but the open places are assigned by the International office of the University. Students are asked to comprise all enquiries and communications concerning these dormitories in their contact to the International office.

Accomodation without special contingents

For these accomodations you have to apply on your own. In some cases a standard procedure is described on the website.

Addition informations