Admission committee

Admission Committee

In the admission committee each topic is represented by one academic member of staff. The admission committee also discusses and takes decisions on essential issues relating to the structure of the programme.

Optics in Communication (Chairman of the committee)

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Schmauß

Institute of Microwaves and Photonics

Optical Metrology

Prof. Dr. Andreas Paul Fröba

Institute of Advanced Optical Technologies - Thermophysical Properties

Optical Materials and Systems

Prof. Dr. Nicolas Joly

Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light

Optical Material Processing

Tobias Staudt, M. Sc.

Institute of Photonic Technologies

Optics in Medicine

Dr. Sebastian Schürmann

Institute of Medical Biotechnology

Computational Optics

Prof. Dr. Christoph Pflaum

Institute of System Simulation

Physics of Light

Students‘ representatives

The students‘ representatives do not take part in the decisions about the admission of new students but when it comes to discuss and decide about basic questions about the programme’s structure.