Cost & Insurance

  • There are no tuition fees, but there is a charge of around 120 € per semester for Student Services.
  • Living expenses in Erlangen are about 600 to 900 € per month. The actual amount depends largely on how much you pay for the accommodation. For more details go to this page.
  • You must have health insurance before you can matriculate at University and apply for a residence permit. This costs about 80 € per month (and is already included in the living expenses calculated above).

Financial support

MAOT cannot provide scholarships for students. As a student, once you have arrived in Erlangen you can apply for a job at the university institutes or other research institutions . Most  studens who are searching for a job do find one eventually. This can take about three to six months, however, and the pay often does not cover all your living expenses or the level of income required for a residence permit.


Unfortunately, it is not easy for international students to get a scholarship to study in Germany. Firstly, scholarships are not particularly common in Germany in general. Secondly, most of the programmes require good German language skills.

The following list contains some information on existing programmes: