Visa application process

  • Most international students, who are not EU citizens, require a visa to travel to Germany. After their arrival they have to apply for a residence permit which allows them to stay in Germany for the whole duration of the MAOT programme (there are exceptions for some other European countries, who are not member of the EU).
  • The regulations on how and when to apply for a travel visa for Germany are different for different countries. Students should contact the Germany embassy in their home country as early as possible.
  • The residence permit will be granted after (!) arrival in Germany. MAOT will assist students with this process.
  • More information on visa requirments for travel to Germany can be found on the visa regulations page of the German Federal Foreign Office website.
  • Usually it will be necessary to contact the German embassy in your country. An overview of all German embassies can be found here (in German only).
  • If you think of staying in Germany langer than for the duration of MAOT, plan ahead: immigration procedures including the application process for an extended residence permit are long and complicated. You need to prepare carefully and plan well in advance. Find out more about immigrating Germany on the website of the German government.